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Our mental health & well-being has never been more important. With Coa, you will learn the skills and find the support you need to stay well and thrive in modern life.

We offer therapy and expert-led classes that cover:

Stress & Anxiety
Focus & Productivity

Words from our community

“After going to a Coa Class, I’ve never been more convinced of the importance of emotional fitness training.”
—Sophie, NYC
“What I loved about my class at Coa was that it was philosophical and psychological, but by the end I had really actionable takeaways.  Sometimes it’s hard to know how to put these things into practice, but the instructor made it easy to dive right in.”
— Sina, San Francisco
“I was really moved by how supportive and nonjudgmental Coa’s class environment felt and can absolutely see how much attending Coa’s classes could benefit people.”
— Katie, San Francisco
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