Take care of your team through COVID-19.

Expert-led mental health & emotional fitness training for your most important asset: your people.

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Today’s workplace is stressful.

By giving your employees the tools they need to take care of themselves, your company will benefit from higher productivity, lower turnover, and a healthier company culture.

70% of employees report that their jobs are very stressful.
For every $1 spent on employee mental health, companies save $6 in combined medical and absenteeism costs.
Employer Workshops

Online workshops through COVID-19.

Anxiety, Stress, and Work during COVID-19

In these therapist-led group discussions, your team will have an opportunity to process difficult emotions, hear from others, and find community.

The Emotionally Fit Leader in the age of COVID-19

The stress and emotional responsibility that leaders experience through times of uncertainty is extremely taxing on the psyche and spirit. In this workshop, participants explore the seven traits of emotionally fit leaders and take actionable steps toward developing their own emotional fitness regimen.

Building Resilient Company Culture through COVID-19

For a company to be successful, its employees need to be emotionally and physically healthy, and a true culture of emotional health must be built from the inside out. This talk gives practical, concrete tips for supporting the mental health of your employees and building a true culture of resilience.

Maintaining Team Connection through COVID-19

The ability to play is an important developmental milestone, and is hugely beneficial in the workplace. Dr. Anhalt explores the psychology of play and its importance, and participants are led through both intellectual and physical games to exemplify the value of play.

Managing Self-Doubt through Turbulent Times

This is for anyone who has ever felt inadequate, intellectually fraudulent, or inferior at work. Dr. Anhalt helps participants recognize and understand their imposter syndrome, and gives 11 practical techniques to disrupt their self-doubt.

Mental Health & Therapy: which form of support is right for me?

Dr. Anhalt speaks about why taking care of your mental and emotional health is so important and how it will improve employees' lives at work and at home. Participants will learn about the differences between various types of therapy and how to choose the right one for them.

Join world-class employers who are prioritizing mental health at work.

Workshop Facilitator

Dr. Emily Anhalt

Dr. Emily Anhalt is a psychologist, emotional fitness consultant, and the CoFounder and Chief Clinical Officer of Coa. For the past ten years, Dr. Anhalt has been working clinically with executives, founders, and tech employees, and has conducted extensive research with prominent psychologists and entrepreneurs about how leaders can improve their emotional fitness. Dr. Anhalt has personally matched more than 400 people into therapy, and has spoken around the world about the importance of empathy and self-awareness. She has collaborated with some of the fastest-growing technology companies and VC firms in the world including Google, Asana, TEDx, Github, NASDAQ, Unilever, and Bloomberg.

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"The workshop on the Importance of Mental Health in Tech was absolutely fantastic. Our team cited it as one of the best presentations we've ever had."
— Nolan, HR, Indiegogo

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