At Coa, we’re growing together.

Our name is rooted in our mission. While personal growth requires individual commitment, the journey is more powerful (and enjoyable) with community. Coa is short for “Coalesce,” which means “growing together.”

Creating a culture that celebrates mental health.

We are taught to optimize every part of life. Our culture loves a quick fix, but our emotional lives are complex and worthy of exploration. 

We believe that taking care of your mental health should be an ongoing practice. We believe in the value of an in-person experience with ongoing support. We believe in community empowering each of us to find the strength, resilience, and agency needed to live and feel our best. 

At Coa, we are building a home for therapy, mental fitness classes, and community. A place where connection and self-discovery are valued and accessible.

Welcome to a fresh start for your mental health.

Our Founders

Human-made & expert-led.

Our founders, Alexa Meyer and Dr. Emily Anhalt met in 2018. Alexa, a startup product & marketing executive frustrated by burnout and the difficulty of finding a therapist, and Emily, a clinician and educator working to bring her expertise in psychology and human relationships outside the therapy room, were united by a shared belief: the world needs a home for mental health. In the earliest days of Coa, Alexa and Emily spearheaded the creation of Mental Health Pop-Ups across the country with a simple goal: to help people try out therapy & to remove the stigma. The Pop-Ups offered modern experiences alongside a supportive community, and it became clear that the world is ready to prioritize proactive mental health. 

Join Us

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Create a community-driven movement that is shifting the mental health narrative.

We are building a movement to shift the narrative around mental health & emotional fitness from being something you only do when you're unwell to something you do to build & maintain wellness.

Tackle an urgent and important growing problem in society.

60% of people who experience symptoms of burnout, stress, anxiety, or depression never get access to the proper support. We’re working to drive down this number with technology & incredible in-person experiences that remove the friction and stigma around accessing care.

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