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Your Gym For Mental Health

Build your mental health routine and increase self-awareness,  resilience, mindfulness, and more for $49/mo - less than the cost of one private therapy session.

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Your emotional fitness is as important as your physical fitness.

Strengthening your mental health is an ongoing pursuit. Coa is a new online, therapist-led learning experience here to help you along your emotional fitness journey.

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Video created with love for illustrative purposes; class participation is confidential.

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Live & on-demand classes led by therapists

This isn’t just another online lecture. Our classes are full of interactive exercises and small-group discussions.

Interactive exercises

Mental health is not one-size-fits-all. Go deep, learn your patterns, and move closer toward the version of yourself that you want to be.

Practical takeaways

Leave each class with actionable tools that you can integrate into your life right away.  

A community to grow with

You don’t have to do it alone! Connect with a supportive community of people who also care about emotional fitness. 

You're in good company

Join a community of people committed to investing in their mental health.

I have attended 20 of @joincoa's therapist-led classes which have really helped me improve my #mentalhealth which is improving all areas of my life!

Really loving my @joincoa Emotionally Fit Leadership class. Sharing in growth and vulnerability with 19 other leaders each week might be some of the best connection I’ve had. Plus, the skills feel immediately applicable to my team

Last night's class with @joincoa reminded me of the amazing internal and external tools I have at my disposal to overcome the challenges of starting a new business.

Just wrapped my first @joinCoa emotional fitness class. It went really well! Less emotionally stirring than therapy, but a *much* safer emotional space than trying to talk to an authority in the workplace. I recommend!

Feel like I’ve been using skills from my BIPOC leader mental fitness course all week, thanks @joincoa

I gotta tell ya, I have been taking the emotionally fit leadership series with @joincoa and having a blast with it. I have had two classes and 10/10 would recommend. It encourages you to get vulnerable and look within yourself to grow!

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