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May is Mental Health Awareness Month

Prioritize your mental health & emotional fitness this May with free therapist-led classes every week for you and your team.

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Resilience: May 1 - 7

Bounce forward from setbacks by boosting your resilience.

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Mental Health at Work: May 8 - 14

We spend 1/3 of our lives at work — isn't it about time our workplaces are conducive to mental health and well-being?

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Communication & Boundaries: May 15 - May 21

Combat anxiety by adding Coa's actionable skills to your toolkit.

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Anxiety Action Week: May 22 - May 28

Communication is crucial to maintaining healthy relationships and well-being — learn how to proactively communicate your needs, boundaries, and expectations.

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Diversity Inclusion & Belonging: May 29 - 31

There are many approaches to practicing inclusion in the workplace, and we’re here to simplify how to set up a culture that promotes employee well-being.

May 30, 2023

Emotional Push-up: How to Handle Your Emotions

Are you only allowing one feeling at a time? No two feelings are mutually exclusive. In this 15-minute emotional push-up, you’ll learn to acknowledge seemingly conflicting feelings in an effort to support your decision-making.

May 31, 2023

Emotional Push-up: How to Set Boundaries & Say No

Are you overextended? Getting comfortable saying no. In this 15-minute emotional push-up, you’ll learn how to navigate setting a boundary in an effort to support your well-being.

May 31, 2023

Live Q&A: Building a Culture of Diversity, Equity, & Belonging: Discussing the Impact of Isms and Prejudice on Employee Mental Health

What impact does your DEI initiative have on employee mental health? Join us for a live Q&A for tips on developing DEI initiatives that improve employee mental health.