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Intro to Emotional Fitness

An introduction to the seven traits of emotional fitness and building your own emotional fitness regimen.

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An interactive introduction class

Emotional Fitness is your Self-Care Practice for Mental Health

The relentless stress that many of us face in today's day and age is taxing on the psyche and spirit and can interfere with our well-being. It need not be this way, yet the necessary skills and coping strategies to take on these challenges are rarely taught and it can be daunting to know where to start to make a change.

Beyond having good coping mechanisms to deal with anxiety and self-doubt, we must be able to communicate effectively, manage conflict, and maintain trust from friends, colleagues, and partners.

In this class, you'll explore the seven traits of emotional fitness and how to take actionable steps toward developing your own emotional fitness regimen.

Explore the 7 traits of emotional fitness.

In this class, you’ll explore the 7 traits discovered by Coa's Co-Founder & Chief Clinical Officer Dr. Emily Anhalt through her research.


Get to know yourself and all of your patterns. Research shows that 95 percent of people believe that they're self-aware, but only about 10 to 15 percent really are. As the core of all emotional fitness, self-awareness is critical in supporting your development of the other traits.


Empathy enables us to build meaningful relationships by listening to and understanding others, even when it’s difficult. In this class, you’ll learn how to understand and meet the needs of those you spend time with.


For those of you committed to personal growth, you’ll often find yourself doing things for the first time; meaning that the best option is rarely the most comfortable. Mindfulness helps you find comfort in discomfort and make the right decision, instead of the most comfortable one.


Curiosity is the ability to pursue growth over defensiveness. By learning to pause, ask the right questions, and model the habits of curiosity, you will turn difficult conversations into growth opportunities.


Despite the joy that play can bring, it is often thought of as a frivolous nice-to-have as adults. Incorporating authentic play as a habit sparks spontaneity and creativity, and is a crucial part of mental and relational health. Plus, it makes life a lot more fun.


In life, you will invariably face setbacks, challenges, and failures. The people who succeed are not those who avoid these things, but those who are able to bounce back. Learn to set yourself up for success by building habits and practices for resilience.


Communication is the skill of effectively putting words to your needs, expectations, and boundaries. Doing so effectively is crucial in maintaining healthy relationships and mental wellbeing. Learn how to talk through issues in a proactive and flexible way.

Get a feel for the 8-week series.

An interactive class to learn and practice the seven traits of emotional fitness for every day mental wellness.

8-Week Series

Emotional Fitness for Mental Health

It’s time to prioritize our mental health. In this 8-class series, you’ll learn how to manage stress, build resilience, and grow closer to the person you want to be.

In this interactive class you’ll learn:

  • The foundation for mental health through the seven traits of emotional fitness
  • Concrete tools, best practices, and strategies to kickstart a healthy emotional fitness regimen
  • How to encourage emotional fitness in your relationships at work and at home
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Meet your emotional fitness instructors.

Licensed therapists adored by every participant for combining their expertise and compassion with infectious energy and seamless facilitation skills.

Vaneeta Sandhu, PsyD

Dr. Vaneeta Sandhu is the Head of Emotional Fitness at Coa. When she’s got the mic, you’re likely to crack a smile — or ten! You can also be confident that you’re in good hands. Vaneeta has more than a decade of experience as a clinical psychologist, educator, and public speaker. During that time, she’s worked with managers and executives at Lyft, Yelp, Twitter, Reddit, and Dropbox to help them develop core leadership skills. To top it off, she’s engaging, down-to-earth, and can distill complex emotional responses into easy-to-remember analogies.

Karin Gold, LMFT

Karin Gold is a licensed therapist and Emotional Fitness Instructor at Coa. With a background in clinical psychology, she’s committed her career to making mental health accessible, personal, and engaging. So it’s no surprise that her classes are filled with humor, genuine connection, and a whole lot of growth. Karin cares about the deep and ongoing work of emotional fitness and has worked to share those skills and insights with people from all walks of life.

Pallavi Yetur, LMHC

Pallavi Yetur is a licensed therapist and Emotional Fitness Instructor at Coa. Pallavi has a background in clinical psychology and in management consulting as a leadership assessor and is eager to help people develop foundational mental health traits to support career development and healthy relationships. She’s passionate about helping participants with communication and self-assertion at work and in personal relationships. As an avid writer and lover of media, expect a pop culture reference or two in her classes!

Amelia Flynn, LMFT

Amelia is a New York-based licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (LMFT) and Emotional Fitness Instructor at Coa where she believes deeply in collaboration to strengthen and promote self-compassion, vulnerability and courage, and evolving awareness. Amelia occupies a culturally humble approach recognizing that individuals are a collection of context and culture.

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Space is limited to better enable psychological safety and meaningful connections between participants.

Intro Class


  • 85-minute introduction to emotional fitness
  • Actionable take-aways
  • Meet others who are considering the series
  • Walk away with an emotional fitness regimen
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8-Class Series

$49 / month

$12.25 per class
  • Live, 85-minute, therapist-led small group classes
  • Breakout practice groups with like-minded peers
  • Access to Coa’s proprietary emotional fitness tools
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