Take care of your team.

Expert-led mental health and emotional fitness classes for your most important asset: your people.

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Today’s workplace is stressful.

By giving your employees the tools they need to take care of themselves, your company will benefit from higher productivity, lower turnover, and a healthier company culture.

70% of employees report that their jobs are very stressful.
For every $1 spent on employee mental health, companies save $6 in combined medical and absenteeism costs.

Join world-class employers who are prioritizing emotional fitness at work.

Offer your employees a gym for mental health

Coa is a new way to work on your mental health via live, online classes, grounded in community.

Led by Licensed Therapists

Our licensed therapists are experts in guiding your employees on skills and curriculum applied to core mental health challenges.

Grow in Community

Employees connect with others going through similar experiences whether it’s wanting to work on anxiety, level-up as a leader, or building self-esteem.

Homework & Take-aways

Each class will invite employees to try something new and put in place a new practice, while taking action towards improving mental health.

Real-Time Exercises

Our instructors guide employees through exercises in real-time so they can dive deep and put learnings into practice.

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Give your employees a foundation for proactive mental health

These 7 traits are based on clinical research and form the basis of emotional fitness.


Learn your emotional triggers and biases


Understand the emotions of others


Find comfort in discomfort


Explore the antidote to defensiveness


Foster a safe space of connection


Bounce forward from failures and setbacks


Express needs, feelings, and feedback

Request Coa For Your Team
Request Coa For Your Team

Train Live and On-Demand

Participate across multiple platforms in both live and on-demand settings.

Live Classes

Our 60-minute classes focus on one of the 7 emotional fitness traits and bring your team along in an interactive workshop focused on practical actions and takeaways.

Community-Driven Content

Our Q&A sessions allow your team to ask any question related to common mental health topics and foster conversation and learning.

Emotional Push-ups On the Go

Our mobile app refreshes every day with a new on-demand push-up, for regular emotional fitness on the go, on your own time.

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See what other industry leaders are saying about Coa

Coa classes include members from OpenTable, American Express, NBC, and more. Curious to join them?

Offering employees access to mental health skills is not a luxury in today’s corporate landscape — it’s a necessity. Coa classes should be a baseline offering that all companies offer their employees.

Coa completely changed the way we think about mental health and wellness at Skillshare. Our team talks about the things they learned in Coa classes pretty much every day, and any program or benefit we explore now we compare to Coa. Nothing else has measured up so far. We’re so excited to continue to offer Coa’s classes and programming to our team.

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