8-week class series

Emotional Fitness Classes for Your Mental Wellness

Explore, practice, and adopt the seven traits of emotional fitness to become the best version of yourself.

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Eight interactive group classes, held weekly

Emotional Fitness is your self-care practice for mental wellness.

With our team’s research and expertise, we have identified what differentiates those who feel in control of their everyday mental health from those who struggle. The answer? The seven traits of emotional fitness.

Emotional Fitness for Mental Wellness is a hands-on, therapist-led, 8-week practice where you will proactively train each of these seven traits. With the support of your Coa community, you will learn to challenge your mental limitations and develop a more resilient, grounded, and confident you.

Are you ready to work on your mental wellness?

When you train your emotional fitness, you create a practice of honoring your mental wellbeing and developing powerful habits that allow you to grow.

Whether you’ve never been to therapy, are new to therapy, or have been going for years, Coa’s Emotional Fitness for Mental Wellness practice is designed for those with a desire to learn and grow: for themselves, their family, and their community.

Build a Practice

You’re ready to take your mental wellbeing to the next level and learn the practical skills to build an ongoing emotional fitness practice.

Build Community

You recognize the power of a well-structured, meaningful, and intentional community to support your emotional fitness journey.

What you'll learn in 8 weeks.

Interactive, engaging, and expert-led classes combine our research with hands-on exercises and tools you can apply to your life, immediately.


Starting an emotional fitness practice is a little like going into a gym for the first time — we don’t know what all the exercises are and if we don’t master form first, we might not get the full benefit. Foundations class kicks off the core training you need to get started.

In this session you will:

  • Meet and connect with your Coa cohort
  • Learn the seven traits of emotional fitness that you’ll strengthen in eight weeks
  • Learn what vulnerability has to do with a leaky faucet


Research shows that 95 percent of people believe that they're self-aware, but only about 10 to 15 percent really are. As the core of all emotional fitness, self-awareness is critical in supporting your development of the other traits.

In this session you will:

  • Answer: are you really as self-aware as you imagine?
  • Explore what your feelings toward others can teach you about yourself
  • Get to know the 3-J’s of self-awareness*
*Coa proprietary framework


Empathy enables us to build meaningful relationships by listening to and understanding others, even when it’s difficult. In this class, you’ll learn how to understand and meet the needs of those you spend time with.

In this session you will:

  • Dive into your unique, empathetic style
  • Level up your understanding of people’s needs using the PASSGO Framework
  • Walk away with actionable tools to increase sustainable empathy in your life
*Coa proprietary framework


For those of you committed to personal and relational growth, you’ll often find yourself doing things for the first time; meaning that the best option is rarely the most comfortable. Mindfulness helps you find comfort in discomfort and make the right decision, instead of the most comfortable one.

In this session you will: 

  • Understand the psychology behind discomfort and the common ways people respond to it
  • Discover different ways to lean into your discomfort instead of avoiding it
  • Practice using the Discomfort Dial* as a daily habit for managing discomfort
*Coa proprietary framework


Curiosity is the ability to pursue growth over defensiveness. By learning to pause, ask the right questions, and model the habits of curiosity, you will turn difficult conversations into growth opportunities.

In this session you will: 

  • Understand your unique defense-mechanisms and how to overcome them
  • Learn what questions to ask to avoid defensiveness 
  • Practice your curiosity as you move up the Curiosity Ladder*
*Coa proprietary framework


Despite the joy that play can bring, it is often thought of as a frivolous nice-to-have as adults. Incorporating authentic play as a habit sparks spontaneity and creativity, and is a crucial part of emotional and interpersonal health. Plus, it makes life a lot more fun.

In this session you will: 

  • Play, of course!
  • Learn why play can be challenging and how to lean into play for connection
  • Discover and develop your authentic form of play


In life, you will invariably face setbacks, challenges, and failures. The people who succeed are not those who avoid these things, but those who are able to bounce back. Learn to set yourself up for success by building habits and practices for resilience.

In this session you will:

  • Learn your unique response to challenging situations and setbacks

  • Discover new, effective ways to embody and model resilience
  • Practice moving toward Resilience Ridge*
*Coa proprietary framework


Communication is the skill of effectively putting words to your needs, expectations, and boundaries. Doing so effectively is crucial in maintaining healthy relationships and mental wellbeing. Learn how to talk through issues in a proactive and flexible way.

In this session you will: 

  • Understand your unique relationship to conflict and disagreements
  • Practice putting words to tough emotions, feelings, and judgments
  • Learn how to reduce conflict using tools to express your tough emotions

A new way to work on your mental health

In a world that over-invests in physical and cognitive skills, investing in your emotional fitness will elevate your mental wellbeing to new heights — enabling you to show up as your best self for friends, co-workers, and your community. Of our participants to-date:

  • 85% saw improvements in their confidence day-to-day
  • 85% said their relationships are stronger and deeper
  • 90% felt they were better able to resolve conflict and tension
  • 90% said their new skills helped reduce stress in their lives
I’ve been to 14 Coa classes and enjoyed every one of them. I always feel like I learn something from the instructors, who are warm and engaging. I've also started to feel a sense of community among the students and teachers at Coa, which is incredibly helpful in these isolating and stressful times.

Embrace the support, you’re in good company.

Humans are better together. Yet, our modern lives have driven us away from each other and ourselves. At Coa, we believe that to address the challenges to our mental health we must also address the challenges of our disconnection.

  • Connect with others in an intentionally created, safe space
  • Practice tools and techniques to train your emotional fitness, together
  • Learn how others are immediately applying the tools and lessons in their lives

Your emotional fitness experts

Licensed therapists adored by every participant for combining their expertise and compassion with infectious energy and seamless facilitation skills.

Vaneeta Sandhu, PsyD

Dr. Vaneeta Sandhu is the Head of Emotional Fitness at Coa. When she’s got the mic, you’re likely to crack a smile--or ten! You can also be confident that you’re in good hands. Vaneeta has more than a decade of experience as a clinical psychologist, educator and public speaker. During that time, she’s worked with managers and executives at Lyft, Yelp, Twitter, Reddit, and Dropbox to help them develop core leadership skills.To top it off, she’s engaging, down-to-earth and can distill complex emotional responses into easy-to-remember analogies.

Jamie Goldstein, PsyD

Dr. Jamie Goldstein has a way of making you feel right at home--even when you’re connecting virtually. Jamie believes in the healing powers of connection, authenticity, and the power of language. The result is a learning experience that’s full of safe, fun, and healing ways to engage with yourself and others. Jamie is a practicing clinical psychologist, published author, emotional fitness enthusiast, and a pro at sharing easy-to-understand strategies to help you find your way through life’s curveballs.

Karin Gold, LFMT

Karin Gold is a licensed therapist and Emotional Fitness Instructor at Coa. With a background in clinical psychology, she’s committed her career to making mental health accessible, personal and engaging. So it’s no surprise that her classes are filled with humor, genuine connection and a whole lot of growth. Karin cares about the deep and ongoing work of emotional fitness, and has worked to share those skills and insights with people from all walks of life.

Start your emotional fitness practice today.

Space is limited to better enable psychological safety and meaningful connections between participants.

8-Week Series


$30 per class
  • Live, 85-minute, therapist-led small group classes
  • Breakout practice groups with like-minded peers
  • Access to Coa’s proprietary emotional fitness tools
  • Ongoing support and community connection
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100% Refund Guarantee: we're confident you’ll have an amazing experience with Coa, but if you attend the first 3 classes and decide it’s not for you, we’ll give you your money back, no questions asked.

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  • 90-minute introduction to emotional fitness
  • Actionable take-aways
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