Kevin Love partnership for Mental Health Awareness Month

For Mental Health Awareness Month we hosted a live Q&A with Kevin Love and the Kevin Love Fund  gifted 1,000 spots in emotional fitness classes.

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Live Q&A with Kevin Love.

Watch a replay of our Mental Health Awareness Month kick off event

“Coa is a proactive approach to mental fitness. It’s the gym for your mental health.”
— Kevin Love

What’s an Emotional Fitness class?

Coa classes help you learn, practice, and adopt the seven traits of emotional fitness so you can be the best version of yourself.

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Video created with love for illustrative purposes; class participation is confidential.

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Live classes led by therapists

This isn’t just another online lecture. Our classes are full of interactive exercises and small-group discussions.

Interactive exercises

Mental health is not one-size-fits-all. Go deep, learn your patterns, and move closer toward the version of yourself that you want to be.

Practical takeaways

Leave each class with actionable tools that you can integrate into your life right away.  

A community to grow with

You don’t have to do it alone! Connect with a supportive community of people who also care about emotional fitness. 

Learn the seven traits of emotional fitness.

We know what skills are needed to keep your mental health in tip-top shape. We designed our curriculum so you can build them. 


Understand emotional triggers & biases


Foster a safe space of connection


Pursue growth over defensiveness


Understand the emotions of others


Bounce forward from failures  & setbacks


Put words to needs, boundaries, & expectations


Become more comfortable tolerating discomfort

Choose your class and apply.

Dive into each of the seven traits as they relate to mental wellness or emotionally fit leadership.

Intro to Emotional Fitness for Mental Wellness

An interactive class to learn and practice the seven traits of emotional fitness that improve mental wellness, stress, and relationships.

Intro to Emotionally Fit Leadership

An interactive class on the seven traits of emotionally fit leadership that help you to reduce burnout, manage conflict, and get the best out of your team.

Meet your emotional fitness instructors.

Licensed therapists adored by every participant for combining their expertise and compassion with infectious energy and seamless facilitation skills.

Dr. Vaneeta Sandhu

Head of Emotional Fitness

Dr. Jamie Goldstein

Emotional Fitness Instructor &
Therapy Experience Lead

Karin Gold, LFMT

Emotional Fitness Instructor

Mental Health Awareness Month

Join us for daily emotional push-ups

Starting May 1st, each day of Mental Health Awareness Month we'll be sharing an emotional push-up of the day.

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